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Top: That Riverairy Touch: Floaty Top Baby Blue and White Polka Dots
Skirt:  Jet Black Creations ShopJBC: Pride mini skirt (JBC Pride Girls Unisex Clothing Set) (Thanks!)
Shoes: Miss Ing’sDinky Suede Mary Janes, with texture hud (Thanks!)
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Headdress: Poison Rouge: The Flight of the Bird (Thanks!)
Fan: Pitaya: Tropical, Feather, Summer Shop & Hop, list (ends tomorrow)
Earrings: Meva, at Cosmo: Hazel, (was Hello Tuesday, might go back full price any moment)
Hair: Doe: Page
Earrings: Gaury: Damini
Necklace: Melt: Gemstone, Free Dove Group Gift

Pose: SerendipityElora 5
Location: Kids These Days (Found Here and Here)
Windlight: Region



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