Fashion Dinkies: Ophelia

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Dress, crown, shoes: Amethyst’s Attic: Open Shoulder Easter Dress (thanks!)
(Another for her Easter outfits was blogged here).
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Hair: Tram: L0408, C88, list
Earrings: Yung Gunz: Bunny diamond, Cravone City Easter Shop and Hop, list
Basket: Ariskea: Ophelia, Canola Flowers Basket, yellow, deco and add, Equal10, list
Choker: MilMil: 22G Lace Choker, white, Baroqued, list

Pose: Azk: Loli, Baroqued, list, Free Gift
Location: Private
Windlight: JuicyBomb: Pastel Skies 2, Aurelias Easter Egg Hunt



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