Fashion Dinkies: Mikhaila

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Outfit: Sassy Little Soul: Ava, Rainbow Tie Dye
Shoes: Kaosome / Kamasa Shop: Dinkie Frogz-In-Da-Pool Slippers
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Headband: My Bags: AnuketHair Fair 2024list (Thanks!)
Hair: Alli&Ali Mikhaila V3Hair Fair 2024list free gift
Food: Andore: Gummy Frogs, FLF
Glasses: Kiu: Pride Heart, Pride at Home
Toy: Kiu: Pride Bear Plushie, Light Brown, Pride at Home
Earrings: Neon Sheep: Natures, We Love RP
Choker: Conviction: Heart Tag, Pride, Anthem, list cheapie
Bag: DDL: Lost, 60-90L Happy Weekend MP (click “limit” in resize menu for smaller)

Pose: Arpels: Luna 3 (Thanks!)
Location: Simurg (Found Here)
Windlight: Region



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