Fashion Dinkies: Lemmy

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Hud: Nofu’s: Dinkie kitty bento photo hud, look here (Thanks!)
Eyes: Honey Dragon: Watery eyes for Dinkie cat / BoM (yellow)
Hoodie: Peeps: Dinkies Retrowave Flying Car
Pants: Peeps: Tai Chi Floral Outfit
Shoes: Dinkie Boutique: Eliza mules, purple
Body: Tiny Inc.: Bengal Dinkie Cat v1.9 rev4
Hair: Lock and Tuft: Bun hat % ears, FLF
Glasses: Bondi: Lemmy, pastel, vivid, Cosmo, list, Group Gift Free
Toy: Imbue: 90s troll, cheapie at Anthemlist
Necklace & Earrings: Kunst: Foxy, Anthemlist

Pose: Versuta: Ivy 1, 99.Sale
Location: Walsh County (Flickr group)
Windlight: Region



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