Fashion Dinkies: Frida

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Gown: Little 2 Large: Mayura Gowns, Dinkies, Blue/Russet
Eyes: Honey DragonYoru nyanko [23CBE1], orange
Body: Tiny Inc.: Bengal Dinkie Cat v1.9 rev4
Jewellery: Hearsdale: Frida Kahlo Collection, Exclusive, Sense
Hair: Truth: Friday, 100L$ discount on the essential pack
Pet: SEmotion Libellune: Big Kitten Companion Exclusive, Kustom9, list

Pose: Sassy Sweet Poses: Attitude 6, La Vie En PoselistSynergy Shoppers Group Gift Free
Location: Pororoca da Amazonia (Found Here) (Save The Amazon)
Windlight: Region



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