Fall into Autumn Art Xtravaganza at Iceghost Art Gallery & Studios

Visit Fall into Autumn Art Xtravaganza at Iceghost Art Gallery & Studios. It will last until end of November.

Indoors (2 floors!) in the white gallery are the Fall into Autumn exhibitor displays. In addition to those, I recommend looking into the cabins outside, and around the gardens, at all the amazing art by our generous host Georgie Iceghost. She has a new lovely Butterfly exhibit, for example. Her art is regularly featured in the Curated event and Wow event.

This exhibit features original art from:
Mia Rose
Hollie Aluveaux RL shop
Kitty Insl (litter.cloud)
Whiskey Monday
Katharine Littlepaws
Kayly Iali
Cleo Iceghost
Karsten Iceghost
Georgie Iceghost
Astrid Iceghost
Mei Iceghost
Laurie McDowell
Judi Lynn
Sass Piggins
Life Charron
Maymay Matova
Amanda T Tamatzuiva
Luna Faun
J.P. D’Goblina
Liam Metaluna
Kitty Huang
Star – astarrynite
Purkle – Princess Purplepawzz
Michiel Bechir
Sisi Biederman
Jan Ross
Ansel Trachtenberg

Certain fox, I name no names, but it was me, was confused and forgot to blog the upstairs of this gallery. So here is a fixed version of the blog post. 😉



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