Dinkie Fashion: Celeste

<a href="https://pieni.art/dinkie-fashin-celeste/" rel="noreferrer nofollow">Pieni.art blog post</a> with pic, details and links.
Pieni.art blog post with pic, details and links.

Fantasy Faire 2022 April 21 – May 8, 2022
Top: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies FF22 Celeste BOM Shirt, DB at Fantasy Faire (Thanks!)
Makeup: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies FF22 HD BOM Makeup, Celeste, DB at Fantasy Faire (Thanks!)
Shoes: Dinkie Boutique: Corabelle, patent navy
Skirt: Dinkie Boutique: Tutu Skirt, blue
View Dinkie Boutique Fantasy Faire vendor images below.
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Headress: Lagyo: Alaya, 99.Sale
Bag: Alba x Asylvain: Le Baiser, Celeste, 99.Sale
Necklace: Rise Design: Charente, Ramadan Sale, hud
Earrings: Kunglers: Blanche, Tropical, Wanderlust Weekend
Glasses: Deep Static: Yumi, Wanderlust Weekend
Drink: ChicChica: Peach Margarita, Sat.sale
Pet: MishMish: Alpaca Companion, Minty, Sat.sale
Pet: Yokai: Bunny Tales, Moon Butterfly Bunny, #9, night, Happy Weekend 60L$WE
Hair: Sintiklia: Claire, Happy Weekend 60L$WE

Pose: Static Posture: Pack #7, 7, Manly Weekend
Location: The Chrysalis Gardens, Fantasy Faire 2022
Windlight: Region



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