Camp Limbo 2022 Pictures by Several People

Campsite bonfire with people dancing around it with neon whirly lights. By by Jenni Daisy Tracer
Pawsome pic 20thJuly2022 by Jenni Daisy Tracer (Thank you!)

This post is dedicated to Camp Limbo 2022. I will collect links to pictures from the event. Come back to this same post later to see if I found more people posting their photos. If you would like me to add your pics here, please im Pieni inworld. The easiest way for others to link to your pictures is to put them in an album dedicated to the camping event. Thank you! I want people, who are unable to log in SL to be able to share in the joy. I am also quite fatigued lately, so I may not be able to attend as much as I wish to.

Picture of penguin Jan and meercat Shakespeare in an emergency vehicle. Campsite behind them.
Shakespeare sent this cool pic of himself and Jan! 19thJuly2022. (Thank you!)

Camp Limbo 2022
16th-22nd July, 2022
(Please check, as my information may not be all up-to-date).

Camp Limbo at IOW
Isle of Wyrms Calendar
Isle of Wyrms Website

Isle of Wyrms: Flickr
Isle of Wyrms Facebook album
Archer: (Instagram and Twitter)
Ing: Flickr
Jan: Joomeo
My pics part 2.

My first group of pictures I took during the first few days of camp:

Ing making sure everyone gets included, here her pic of me from IOW FB Camp Limbo 2022 album.



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