30thOct2021: Dinkies Got Talent pictures

We did it! The first ever Dinkies Got Talent event went amazingly well! So much talent!

(If you forgot, visit the show location and buy some merch from the gift shop! The mask Ling made during the show is available for free).

Lycia and Nofu did a great job building, animating, organizing, outfitting and running things. Uli worked as a host and dj and was awesome. Seli sang live during voting and judges did a cool Elvis show. Aminata, Missy, and everyone else helping, made us feel happy and eased the nerves. Contestants all excelled and I am so proud of everyone!

The final pawtee is at the club roof, come join us!

I told Lycia, I “might take a few pictures”. Which in Pienese means 83, apparently! 😀

(Event invite was here).



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