New and interesting art at Galleria Kakku

FionaFei is a new artist at Galleria Kakku. In her booth you will see her amazing paintings. She produces a lot of art in different techniques. You should visit her website and her Shui Mo Art Gallery / art space. The famously multifaceted Kayly Iali makes fantastic pet portraits. I personally love them so much,…

Rainbow Tinies Friday Aug.23rd 12Noon-2pmSLT with Dj Story

Rainbow Tinies Friday 12Noon-2pmSLT with Dj Story on roof of Galleria Kakku. Bring friends, make new ones. Moderate sim rules. Everyone is welcome. All avatars, all sizes. LGBTQ and allies, safe space. SLurl. Pics here after event. Pics from event:

Titchy! Dinkie! Tiny! Toddleedoo! Night’s Toy Box is for you!

Time to post about my favorite vehicle store, again. Night’s Toy Box sells furniture and fun stuff, too. But I like it best for small avatar vehicles. And yes he is my SL brother from another cat mother, but he is the best!

New Cake Fox Dinkie Dress release and headband gift for all at Mieville Flower festival

Cake Fox Fashion Dinkies Rose Embroidery Dress. Pick yours from 8 color options. Rigged mesh for dinkies only. Original textures used in the making. Fabric texture based on original rose drawing. Copy-mod. (Rigged mesh can not be resized). Materials. Included: layered dress, short shorts, stilettos, stilettos ao with our without scratching and licks.

Today 12Noon-2pmSLT: Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story

Today Friday 14th, 12Noon-2pmSLT: Rainbow Tinies with DJ Story on roof of Galleria Kakku! Bring friends, make new ones. Everyone is welcome. All avi types and sizes, moderate sim rules. Safe space. Also make sure to check out this cool video by Draxtor Despres about Second Pride on Second Life Destinations! I was on it!…