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Details: Hair: Ayashi: Deila. Anime, Fameshed group giftShoes: Cosmic Dust x Momoko: Vanessa HeelsSkin: 7 Deadly Skins: Heath, summer group giftEyes: The Mars: Alpha, gachaHead accessory: Tentacio: Ankara, Redeux saleDress: Poet’s Heart: Yule Gift 2017, icy, group gift (free join atm)Wings: Naminoke: Wisteria, D-ppl, gachaBracelet: Naminoke: Rose Stem, Sleeping beauty huntPet: Banana Peel: Dragon o’…


Details: Outfit: Maggi’s: Dinkie Navy CalicoHair: Doe: Hydie, Indecisive, Fifty Linden Fridays (unrigged and rigged, try demo)Avatar mod. details here.Companion: MishMish: Raccoons, Kustom9. See ad below (Thanks Aime!) Location: privateWindlight: Bryn Oh’s Bluniverse

Peony Poem

Details: Eyes: Song/Flickr: Asumi, Uber Dress: Ersch: Fairy Body A, red, Fantasy Faire donation itemHair: Little Bones: Poison, Essential, group MM-board 100L$ joinShoes: Blossom: Thumper sandals, The Great Caspertech Easter Egg Hunt Head Accessory: Lode: Peony Poem Wreath, white red, Shiny ShabbyNecklace: Lorien: To Be Continued, Redeux giftArm Cuff: Real Evil Industries / Flickr: Bad-Kitty,…