Tinies and dinkies pawtee people!

Two important parties today for tiny community, and everyone who wishes to join us. 12Noon-2pm SL time both, so some of us will be hopping between them.

New Toulouse has their Annual Tiny Dance for Relay for Life. The Green-eyed Fairy is one of my long time favorite venues. Charming, slightly suspicious bar, with definitely no secret moonshine operation on the side. Part time raccoon, all time great hostess, Francesca Alva is the lady to be seen with during the fanciest festivities.

Maymay Matova exhibit poster

Raglan Tree Gallery showcases works of interesting talent all through the year. Even with Art Walk on full force around it, there are important exhibits within the gallery itself, this time each year. Two of our famous tiny artists: Maymay Matova and Miss Longtail are sharing the space for June and July, 2019. Their exhibit opening party will start with Miss Longtail entertaining us with her talents for singing live. Definitely a place to be seen at.
PS. Curator Panacea Pangaea makes pawsome posters for every exhibit!

Miss Longtail exhibit poster

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