At the door of the castle, click the poster, and you are given a lantern. Good luck in the hunt! (My gown and hair by Isaura, moustache by Clover)

Medieval Month is a mayhem of events.

Clover Drezno: “The 12 alms sacks contain useful and fun mediebal surprises to carry, wear, maybe event to eat!” (dinkie, tiny, titchy options, most can be fitted to kids and biggies). Clover will help any tiny who may need more hints!

Clover Drezno of Totally Tinies/Dinkies fame organized a terrific hunt at the Med-ebil castle in Raglan Shire. Make sure to do the hunt, soon, as it is ending in the end of this themed month.

See the pictures of tiny friends around the ceiling of the Medieval Grande Ballroom.

Visit the Raglan Shire Medieval Square, as well, for fashionable wares, events and other fun.

Paw& Whiskers is famed for some fun events, visit it, and the other venues, as the event calendar instructs.

My personal recommendation is to make sure you catch WMAD – Medieval Edition Saturday at 12:30pm SLT! Peach is back!

More jousting is promised, as well. Registration box is here.

For more information on events and themes within the tiny community, join Friends of Raglan Shire or Smalltalk groups. We welcome other avatars, than tinies, titchies and dinkies, btw.

Shocktober is a long awaited theme coming to Shire, soon. There will be the Groosome Shocktober Eyeball Hunt, which Clover is participating in. She has a couple Shocktober product releases coming, too, shown below. And she is doing the Fallen Gods Anniversary Zodiac hunt starting 5th October.

Dinkie Ebil Clown at Totally Dinkies
Titchy Reaper also at same location

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