Minie standing in a shiny white hallway wearing a plaid skirt, white shirt with suspenders and tie, and her hair is blue. She is a ponycorn, which is a special name for her, means really that she is a tiny unicorn. Her fur is white, her hooves and horn are shiny gold.
I just had to use this gorgeous picture of Minie somewhere.

I have been wanting to share something from my personal life. So here is a story of how me, and my best friend and sister, the ponycorn Minie, went on a mission for our tiny gang TAGS.

In tiny circles the gangs are for friendly banter and fun, not for bullying. TAGS means The Alley Gang Strays, and is run by our brave leader Swee. She is famous for her CABS store, for creating the super small tiny avatars called titchies, and for being a smarty pants, who can likely take apart and put together again a nuclear silo in five minutes. Well if someone had to, I would bet on her.

Basement Kitties of Doom, BKOD are run by Clover of Totally Tinies/Dinkies fame, and Jill, her sidekick. I feel like mentioning their love of pink frilly things, like panties, is a fair description of them. The biker mentality is just a cover.

(You can click on the images for a closer view!)

Minie and Pieni sitting either side of a meditating frog statue in front of a diner called Froggy's.
We started our mission by gathering some good vibes
and sustenance at Lanni’s Froggy’s Restaurant.
Minie and Pie stand by a jukebox, and the frog tip jar of Lanni is seen on a counter top.
Minie picked some mission music. Bird is the word.
Minie and Pie eating hamburgers in front of a picture frame showing Sweecahcahche. Froggy's logo can be seen near it.
Our fearless leader is in the picture
behind us. We ate and plotted.
Minie and Pie standing in the bottom of a river.
I will call this “we found a tunnel”,
rather than “we fell off a
draw bridge” 😉
Minie and Pieni peeking off a ledge of tree house towards a garden yard.
You can get a good scouting view at our target from the Wynx store‘s tree house.

Here we are! Paying a visit to Kelli and Subby, a couple of notorious paranoid BKOD bunnies. They have guard bunnies, but we outsmarted those easily.

Minie standing in the middle of vegetables.
Minie decided to feast on veggies: “The sign only banned Butter bunny”.
Pie and Minie standing near a hole on the ground that has a mole sitting in it.
Feeding the mole. Very practical
these TAGS bags.
Minie and Pie standing on a purple couch inside a log house that has a lot of pictures on the wall.
Standing on furniture.. and Minie had a crush on that pink bunny painting.

Then to our next mission location: Visiting Maymay and Morton, BKOD bears! We are aunties of their kid bear Mal, and wanted to make sure he was properly full of candy and cake. We landed first at MayCreations.

Aunties do not fall for it.
This is nothing like the bear kid Mal.
Minie and Pieni standing in front of a sign that says "Caution, area patrolled by Attack Bunny". Behind them are some store buildings and truck. Logan is a pet kitten on Pieni's head.
Minie promised to keep me
and Logan safe.
Minie and Pie standing in a garden with some raccoons and squirrels around them.
We took some spy reports while there.
Minie and Pie with two puppies.
Puppies puppies puppies!
Wait. What were we doing?
Minie stands proudly next to a big green animesh bear inside the house, while Pie is at the door, still. There is a tiny polar bear cub behind a plant by the door.
Minie overtook the guard at the door.
I think someone is spying on us, though.
Minie and Pie sit by a kid chair with a little bear on it. The bear wears a hat and is holding an electric guitar. A puppy sits by Minie.
Our nephew Mal showed us all his new guitar tricks. We fed him sugary noms.
Minie sits on floor with two puppies.
The puppies fought over
Minie’s attention.
Picture taken from behind the kid chair. Pie and Minie shown sitting on the floor. A puppy sits by Minie. We can see Mal's red bear hat and his drum.
Finally we felt job well done, and decided to call our spy mission complete!

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