Night and Minie at a garage
Big thanks to Night’s Toy Box (in Mieville) for a giftcard donation for our awareness event.

We have two big reasons for having a Spina bifida awareness month at Galleria Kakku with Rainbow Tinies . First of all, it is important to know about this type of stuff. And even more so, because one of our regulars, and my best friend, Minie has it.

Come join our events this month, every Friday 12Noon-2pmSLT on roof of Galleria Kakku in Mieville. We have contests with great prizes. The prizes work for several avatars. We do not take donations for the cause, but you will find ways to donate online through the links on this post. Everyone is welcome. Bring friends, make new ones, moderate sim rules. This is a lgbtq and allies safe space.

The awareness month organized by Spina Bifida Association every October is a chance for us to learn, what it is like to live with the illness, or have a loved one with it. But as I said in my first post, every day is a good day to find out more. Or to host a fundraiser, and wear yellow with Shine (UK).

Remember the hashtag: #SpinaBifida on social medias.

Minie with a unicorn pet dressed in pyjamas

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