Limbo Halloween Tour is great. Totally not stealing cookies.

The Isle of Wyrms Limbo residential Halloween Decorating Contest Tour runs until 10 PM October 31st. Get the landmarks, and a free Threadflamer (dinkie, tiny, biggie) by Toady, here. There is also a poster for the pumpkin build contest instructions!

I decided to do a little Sneak peek tour of my own. Follow me.

I feel like this ghost just made me give him all my cookies somehow.
What scares this guy, who brought his scythe?
Fox in the middle: What have the bunnies done?
Beanz, somefin definitely wrong wif your farm!
May have visited the cookie jar twice.
I hear the gargoyles have the best gossip.
Where did Hocus Piefox find a magic circle?

My house and the garden are included in the decorating contest, and I have a hunt set up, that works for anyone, that has use for decorative items. (Most you can resize once you have rezzed and modify shows).

Hunt poster
Izo made this hunt

Speaking of hunts: Izo’s hunts are great! The Halloween hunt runs until last of this month. You can find the gifts: “Anywhere on Cathedral or Limbo. Bags refreshed periodically, some are lindens, some are no copy items from spare gachas, some are other goodies like a candy corn shooter!.

Isle of Wyrms Website
Contact (social medias, SLurls and info)

Make sure to visit Benny’s Halloween Place (and remember he has annual Christmas parties, too!) “You still have time to visit my Halloween place with rides and other attractions! I have 3 rides, pumpkin bumper cars, haunted corn maze, haunted forest, haunted cemetery, haunted tree and a witch’s house! If you have a low prim vendor and sell Halloween stuff, let me know and I will let you set it up at my place”.

Dreams has a poster about the Cave Contest

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