Dress: (Hilly Haalan) at Cosmo: Pauline, Hello Tueday sale
Shoes: Dirty Princess: Spicy Princess Boots Fp 8 COLORS, Uber
Eyes: Le Forme: Natural green, Access 2nd gift
Nails: Koffin Nails: Coffee Berry, SL17B Shop & Hop Event
Skin: Enfer Sombre: Lorena, Dolce Tone, 50%sale
Jewellery: Andore: Bella
Hair: Tram: JO524, C88
Head: Catwa: Lilly
Body: Maitreya: Lara
Shape: mine

Pose: Leksana: Portrait pose Reverie
Location: Randelsham Forest found via this post by Inara Pey
Windlight: mine

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