Paintings by FionaFei

FionaFei is a new artist at Galleria Kakku. In her booth you will see her amazing paintings. She produces a lot of art in different techniques. You should visit her website and her Shui Mo Art Gallery / art space.

Kayly Iali's paintings. Three dog ones on the left wall and fruit ones on the right one, and the back of her booth. She has decorated her booth with some nice items for atmosphere.
Kayly Iali

The famously multifaceted Kayly Iali makes fantastic pet portraits. I personally love them so much, that I ordered a custom one of our dog, for my sister. We all loved it, it looks spot on just like our Tara! Kayly has added some pet paintings in her booth. My artist page has a lot of details on where to find her art inworld and in real life.

Stranger Nightfire has black walls in his booth, which really make her photography and new sculpture pop.
Stranger Nightfire

Stranger Nightfire updated his booth with black walls, which make his photography and the new sculpture really pop. I could stand by this sculpture all day letting my mind wander, imagining all the possible interpretations. Stranger does a lot of readings, sings and dj’s as well as makes art.

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