Mad Pea Spring hunt fox

MadPea Spring hunt is on, until April 3rd. This hunt costs to participate in: You can choose between two huds: Premium 1000L$ and 100L$. Get a hud and start the hunt at this location. Instructions for hunters are on this website. You can also participate as a location by purchasing the animals people hunt for, instructions for that are here.

To hunt, just wear the hud, and find the animals on each sim. The hud says on local, how many animals are left to be found on each sim. Look at the radar on the hud to see, how far you are from the targets. It takes a moment to get used to. The instructions are a bit confusing. We are not really taking snapshots of, but just clicking, the animals. When you find one, and click it, avatar standing close enough, a picture of the animal opens up. You can close the picture from the x and keep hunting. The hud keeps track for you.

You can get achievement points by collecting a full set of animals, such as all the seals, for example. The achievements are listed on the MadPea Player Portal.
Once you have enough points, you can redeem the prizes at the forest location, which you can find via the home button on your hud.

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