Pieni as a black fox is dancing in front of a stage full of cool Tiny Maniacs and the lovely singer Keeba Tammas
The club was full of audience. I am just the craziest fan fox.

Keeba Tammas is a live singer with a band: The Tiny Maniacs. They are not just famous among tinies, they show up at the best known clubs and events in Second Life, all the time!

Audience dancing at the club. Three dinkies and rest are humans.
The band gets everyone dancing!

They have a fun show, full of cute and clever twists and turns. Keeba sings really well, always live, and makes awesome prerecorded backgrounds for the songs. The tinies get “solos” and are given plenty of attention. They show up to support Keeba, and even though the group changes based on who happens to be online, they are one big family.

Tinies play instruments on top of black stages
Tiny Maniacs give a good show!

The band this time from left to right: (Thank you Jan!)
Front: Morton, Chance, Pinky, Keeba, Wavy, Princess.
Back row: Dem, Tea, Jan, Klebs

Keeba Tammas and The Tiny Maniacs

I went to see them at The Atomic Terrapin today Thursday 25th of April, and took some pictures and gif animations.

The instruments are varied.
The band always looks cool

Click images for a closer view / slide show.

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