This look contains pieces from the Groosum Eyeball hunt and
Dinkie Boutique outfits Ofelia, Raven and Punkrose. The Hair is by Doe.

Halloween Hunts:
Raglan Shire – Groosum Eyeball Hunt Start by Clover Drezno.
Fall Festival and Pumpkin Hunt for Parkinson’s
Mini hunt by Artimas
DRD Paranormal hunt: join free group to participate.
Spookzilla Hunt 2019
Hocus Pocus 2019
Spook cave contest, Dreams

Halloween Shopping:
Bree’s Designs Halloweentown
2019 Halloween Town – 10th Year Anniversary, Townies
Night Before Halloween in Mieville, with a hud game/ hunt.
Titania Halloween Sales 2019 – Creepy Deals and Spooky Gifts for you!

Sims to visit in the Halloween/horror/autumn decay theme:
Arranmore: Flickr
Nostalgia Falls
Unconditional Flickr

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