FionaFei is a gray cat with one green, one orange eye. She is wearing a gray plaid dress and has a cute black bob hairdo.

This fantastic all original artistic world blows your mind. Stop by FionaFei’s ShuiMo (Ink Brush) Art Space. She is constantly working on new art, which will show in the space in different ways.

The start of the exhibit has an info sign, ink well, some tools, and big self writing scrolls.
The beginning of the exhibit

I recommend starting at the beginning, which is behind a big red door, by a big ink well. You can get an information notecard and inky footprints from the sign.

Participants are dancing during the monthly event at the art space.
Dancing during the monthly event.

They also have events every first Tuesday of each month, at 7amSLT, if you wish for a more social entry to this art space.

Colored lights show brightly against the darkened space.

FionaFei gave us an object to wear, for a really lovely surprise color show.

Colored lights show brightly against the darkened space.

Remember to cam around the whole space, as the views are breathtaking.

Hand drawn scenery in monochrome.

FionaFei wrote of her art: “Traditionally trained in fine art, I have a BFA from Cornell University with a concentration in electronic media. I later then obtained a MS in Visualization from Texas A&M University, where my core research was to create shaders using the 3D modeling software Maya“.

Colorful details pop out in the misty looking space.

Much of my 3D art is non-photorealistic. I enjoy creating pieces with illusions of 2D art, and have the avatar or visitor be immersed in the space of my 3D 2D world. 🙂

View from above.

The space is in the style of traditional Chinese ink painting. I am Chinese American in RL, so this is a way for me to reconnect with my ancestry“.

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