I will be updating this list, but here are some dinkie and tiny shops at Fantasy Faire this year. Let me know, if you find more! IM Pieni in SL with the LM. Thanks!
Designs by Isaura on Kuruk (Mainstore)
Dinkie Boutique on Kuruk (Mainstore)
Dinkie Duds on Mistakes were made (Mainstore)
Little, Big Designs on Kuruk ()
MayCreations (Basement Kitties) on Kuruk (Mainstore) (Raglan Shire)
Peeps on Kuruk (Raglan Shire)
Suzu on Mistakes were made (Mainstore)
Tickled Pink at Mistakes were made
Totally Tinies (Basement Kitties) on Kuruk (Mainstore)
Tiny Inc on Kuruk (Mainstore)
Wilds of Organica on Cassiopeia

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