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Shui-Mo Art Installation at Raglan Tree Gallery

Don’t miss FionaFei’s Shui-Mo Art Installation at Raglan Tree Gallery until the end of the month. They get some really cool artists exhibiting there. Check out her own Shui Mo Gallery, too. Here is an awesome picture taken at the Raglan exhibit, by Caleb Kit.

New Silas Merlin art at Shiny Shabby

Silas Merlin is a professional artist, whose beautiful mesh items are great quality, and whose paintings are at a level of their own in beauty. In addition to his own gallery and other Second Life galleries, he sells items at shopping events such as Shiny Shabby. It is a good idea to keep an eye…

New and interesting art at Galleria Kakku

FionaFei is a new artist at Galleria Kakku. In her booth you will see her amazing paintings. She produces a lot of art in different techniques. You should visit her website and her Shui Mo Art Gallery / art space. The famously multifaceted Kayly Iali makes fantastic pet portraits. I personally love them so much,…

Reminder of some of the art in Galleria Kakku

I decided to do a little blog post about some of the art in Galleria Kakku. This is a random selection of some of our gems. Visit us regularly to keep up with new works. PS. Let Pieni (Resident) know inworld, if you blog us etc, as I can link back to you from our…

Art Walk 2019 post 4

Jolie Lisa = JolieElle Parfort is also at Galleria Kakku. Previous Art Walk 2019 posts: Raglan Shire Art Walk 2019: post 1Art Walk 2019 Post 2Maggi sings at Raglan ShireArt Walk 2019 post 3: recommendations I am also working on adding artist information and links on this page.

Art Walk 2019 Post 2

One of our Galleria Kakku artists Fuyuko (also known as Wintergeist) participates in Art Walk again this year. Her art is an eclectic mix of subjects, but her style is strongly her own. She goes between futuristic and historical, communal and personal, smoothly. Her spot is here. Fuyuko has a booth at Galleria Kakku 2nd…

Raglan Shire Art Walk 2019: post 1

The 14th annual Raglan Shire Art Walk started yesterday, May 12th, 2019. More than 150 SL artists are showing their works over 4 sims until June 16th. You can find great gifts for different types of avatars every year during the event. Make sure to drop by the Raglan Tree gallery to pick them up.…

SNAPS! 1st Monday of Every Month (= 6thMay) 10amSLT

Early notice for tomorrow Monday 6th of May 10amSLT: Galleria Kakku presents: SNAPS. A monthly open mic event. Come listen to readings or read your own poetry, sing a song, read something you want to share. Hosted by DJ Story. Moderate sim rules. Everyone welcome.First floor of the gallery, at the library.