Hunt poster with the gifts, the pumpkins to find and info.
My hunt is only around our yard and in our house.

Find the 12 pumpkins, which are all unique, and different sizes. I have made sure you can click them to buy for zero lindens. So if you are unable to, please change your camera angle, and make sure you do not have the “select only my objects” setting on. Most of the hunt gifts you will be able to resize, the modify option will be shown on some of them only once they are rezzed, due to script maker rules etc. Tell friends about the hunt. If you take pictures of the location or the gifts, please add them to the Cake Fox Flickr and IOW Flickr, or im Pieni with links. I will link back to you from this blog.

We all love IOW and Limbo, so we got a little plot there for me Pieni, Minie and Neill. Fox, ponycorn and bunny, respectively. And as the Limbo resident areas are having a decorating contest, I decided to do an exclusive hunt on our plot, for my store Cake Fox.

I may have overdone it, but hope you will enjoy the gifts, the complimentary pumpkins (original versions / normal size included inside hunt objects), the decorations etc. And the food! Have a bit to eat in our parlor. Relax your footpaws for a while, before continuing your tour of Limbo.

Make sure to visit the other houses on the contest tour as well. IOW information is available in their group. They have other hunts, too. This one is just in our house and around the yard.

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