Bears Gone Wild - neon sign By Randy Firebrand, SL16B

Happy Birthday Second Life! Every year Second Life residents celebrate with a huge showcase of creativity and what we can do on this grid. This year SL16B lasts from June 20th to July 8th.

No bears were harmed in the making of this exhibit -neon sign By Randy Firebrand, SL16B

Randy Firebrand has made an exhibit, where you get free art, but also a fantastic tour into interesting Second Life locations. Go wild with the bears:
Click each image for a copy, a note about it and a landmark to visit the “wild” place out on the grid.

Pieni and Stranger Nightfire looking at art by Randy Firebrand, SL16B

I really recommend a visit to the blog post on SL16B by Ricco Saenz, which Randy suggested. Second Sighting is one of my very favorite blogs. Every post is spot on with information and gorgeous pictures. And yes, both Randy and Ricco are my “Second Life uncles”, which to me means they are some of the most important people I have found here.

Simon Linden Bear 2.0 the hunt

Simon Linden Bear 2.0 the hunt was featured in the exhibit. Click the sign on top for information, or go to the roof of Simon Linden’s house here.

Bears Gone Wild - By Randy Firebrand, on SL16B

More SL16B stuff:
The SL16B Main Stage built by Ancient and Magic Mole, hosts events and the Music Faire.
SL16B auditorium
Swaginator gift hunt
The Shopping and Gift event is here.
More on the Destination guide.

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