Two deer on top of a hedge with art works on the sides of adjoining hedges.
The deer look at art all day. They seem very inspired by the works of Jolie!

Jolie Lisa = JolieElle Parfort is also at Galleria Kakku.

Pie riding a hedgepillar.
Hedgepillar rides come here, too
A cozy platform up in the air, with camping gear, a gazebo and art works on surrounding hedges.
There is a whole platform of paintings by the wildly talented FionaFei
Hedgepillar takes Pie up in the air seemingly flying on nothing.
If you have any sort of fear of heights, maybe walk rather than doing the hedgepillar rides 😉
One of the platforms with hedges full of art.
Make sure not to miss platforms like This one!
Lovely artworks with flowers
I am in awe of Panacea Pangaea, whose paintings are delicate, yet full of color.
An elephant looks from behind a hedge. Artworks with a lot of female motifs.
If you take the route down the ladder, you get to my two new favorites:
SkylarJ's paintings
SkyelarJ aka Skye Joubert
Audie G's paintings
and AudieG
AudieG's paintings on the left. Inara Pey's SL photography on the right.
And check out my long time favorite Inara Pey.

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I am also working on adding artist information and links on this page.

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