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Art by Jennylynn Capalini, Bun (ramblingal),
Petunia Liveoak, SkyBlue Earthboy, among others.

Bloodfang TS Clawtooth was kind enough to give me the recommendation, and I agree, SkyBlue Earthboy has important, beautiful art at Art Walk, again. And has had for many years before. So this is the first location of our tour today.

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Art by SkyBlue Earthboy and Petunia Liveoak.

You will find other interesting artists nearby, as well. I was happy to spot works of Petunia Liveoak, a very talented puppy lady, one of our Galleria Kakku artists.

Healing colour temples at Morning Shire

Me and my friend Stranger Nightfire had a really lovely talk by the works of Skyblue. One can imagine the artist who makes The Healing Colour Temples (SLurl1) bringing inspiration of thought and feeling for quite a few people in the presence of his works. Outside of the Shire cluster his other temple location is here: SLurl2. Also check out: SkyBlue at Star Journey, and SkyBlue at Art Gallery Route 7.

Art by Bloodfang and Swee on hedges.

Bloodfang TS Clawtooth’s own work can be seen by those of Sweecahcahche Ah, which I mentioned in my 2nd Art Walk blog post of 2019. Post 1 was here, and the post about Maggi singing here.

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