Raglan Shire view from the air

The 14th annual Raglan Shire Art Walk started yesterday, May 12th, 2019. More than 150 SL artists are showing their works over 4 sims until June 16th.

You can find great gifts for different types of avatars every year during the event. Make sure to drop by the Raglan Tree gallery to pick them up. There is a separate exhibit by Liriel currently at the gallery. Some Art Walk artists have their works on the outer sides of the hedges.

My art is right outside of the gallery. Minie curated my works for this show.

I had a little heart to heart to heart with Maymay Matova and Morton Wheels on Saturday, the day before the opening of Art Walk. Maymay is a famous tiny artist, whose works have cheered up avatars of all sizes for years now.

Next to Paw&Whisker: Kayly Iali, Teresa Firelight and Maymay Matova

She is also one of the artists at Galleria Kakku. As is Kayly Iali, whose art is nearby on the same hedge. Between their works are those of new artist Teresa Firelight.

The bears are famous for welcoming new tinies to Second Life, and for being friendly little networkers. They had already talked to both Kayly and Teresa. They are sure to be attending the social occasions around Art Walk as much as possible.

Maymay and Morton by her artworks.

Maymay has her own art island on their sim, and an art shop at the Shire. (The shop has her older works, while the new ones are on the hedge by Paw&Whisker). And as mentioned before, she is one of our Galleria Kakku artists.

I am one of the many, who can’t wait to see, what her new pieces will be like every year. She is also going to have an exhibit at the Raglan Tree Gallery from June 1st onward, sharing with Miss Longtail, as they did a year earlier.

I like doing commissions. I feel like I’m not just doing art as a hobby, but it forces me to elevate my skills and knowledge as an artist“, said Kayly Iali.

I ran into Kayly Iali while writing this post. She is showcasing some of her animal portraits this year. You can see a complete collection of them online, just click the “animals” category of the gallery.
To request a commission go to her Etsy shop or IM her inworld.
Kayly Iali Second Life locations:
Galleria Kakku
Star Journey, Inspiration Discovery
The Galleries, Georgiana
Virtual Chelsea Hotel
Vision of Beauty Art Complex
Windlight Art Gallery

Some tips for Art Walk:

Use one of these signs to teleport to art locations.
The painter’s palettes are lifts between platforms. Kayak Kuu pictured.
Ride one of the famous hedgepillars for a tour around Art Walk! (Just sit on it.)
Have you tried a ride on a flying acorn?

Enjoy Art Walk! If you need help, IM Director Karmagirl Avro, or the Assistants: Kayak Kuu, Linn Darkwatch, maggi696 and RaglanShireArtwalk Resident, or message the groups.

Friends of Raglan Shire group inworld.
Friends of Raglan Shire group on Facebook.

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