Fuyuko's images on hedges at Art Walk

One of our Galleria Kakku artists Fuyuko (also known as Wintergeist) participates in Art Walk again this year. Her art is an eclectic mix of subjects, but her style is strongly her own. She goes between futuristic and historical, communal and personal, smoothly. Her spot is here.

Fuyuko's booth at Galleria Kakku features colorful and black and white images.

Fuyuko has a booth at Galleria Kakku 2nd floor.

She is currently the featured artist in this fantastic gallery at La Perla, at least until end of June, 2019.

Modern design round space with black and white images by Fuyuko on the walls.

I have added her to my very slowly updating artist page, with all the art related info I could find on her.

Make sure to check out her Flickr.

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